Endorsements for Birth of the Chosen One

Nathan Long, Abbot St. Patrick’s-by-the-Rivers Anglican Community
Nathan Long ~ Abbot, St. Patrick’s-by-the-Rivers Anglican Community

Terry Wildman has inherited a gift from his sacred-story-telling ancestors, and it is nowhere more on display than in his theologically test-worthy and thought-provoking retelling of the Christmas story.

Birth of the Chosen One is worthwhile not only for those of First Nations descent, but also for those who have heard the story of Jesus’ first advent over and over again.

It reads like an authentic First Nation’s legend while illuminating the meaning and significance of the enduring story in surprising ways.

I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend Terry’s spinning of the Messiah’s birth-tale.

Rev. Nathan Long ~ Abbot, St. Patrick’s-by-the-Rivers Anglican Community


CarolynAllenIn “The Birth of the Chosen One” Terry Wildman tells the familiar story of the birth of Jesus Christ in the speaking style of Native American culture. It is a refreshing narrative with beautiful art work that helps tell the story. This will be a great way for families to share the Christmas story together, setting the stage for family discussions about our Native American friends. Wildman’s use of the meaning of names (for both people and places) throughout the story will engage you, capturing you to think about the key characters in a more personal way. Great for children, great for adults! Both the narrative and the art work make this book a delightful gift to give or receive.

Dr. Carolyn Allen, Heartland Church, Fort Wayne Indiana


twowheeledThis morning we received 10 copies of “Birth of the Chosen One” from the First Nations Version of the Sacred Scriptures. One goes on our book shelf, one each to our adopted daughters (one of whom is half Native American) for their children, one to the daughter of a friend who is on an Ojibwe Tribal Council, one for each of our partners in ministry on the Sioux Reservations, and the remainder will go to whom Creator would have us give them to. This is a wonderful re-telling of the Nativity story, in a way that Native American people will find easy to relate to. Even if you are not Indian, you will love this version of the story. The illustrations, also by an Indian artist, are simply beautiful. As says on the title page, “Listen to the Christmas story again for the first time.” It will open the eyes of your heart.

St. Brendan’s First Nations Missions ~ www.twowheeledexplorer.org