Gospel of Luke and Ephesians – Bulk Orders

Luke-Eph-Cover-lowrezThe prices below do not include shipping, handling and possible tax that might apply to your state.

These  are special prices that are as low as we can make them and just above our printing costs.

Be aware that the Gospels, Acts and Ephesians will soon be in print and available for order in October.


Our printer usually ships within 5 days of the order, then allow a few days for transport by UPS ground.

All prices are in US dollars:

10-29  $4.50 each

30-49  $4.25 each

50 – 99 $4.00 each

100+ 3.75 each 

Please contact us to make an order by credit card, either by phone or by PayPal. We will answer any questions and give further instructions.