Gospel of Luke Samples

FNVclipartSmallLuke 1:1-4

1-3 O most honored Friend Of Creator (Theophilus), many have told this story, given to them from those who saw these things with their own eyes, the ones who first walked out this message to hand it down to us.

Having searched out this story from the first, it seemed like a good thing for me to retell it from beginning to end. In this way you will know for yourself the truth about the things you were taught.

FNVclipartSmallLuke 6:20-26

20 Creator Sets Free (Jesus) looked out over the crowd of his followers and began to teach them about the ways of Creator’s Good Road.

“Creator’s blessing rests on you who are poor and in need; the Good Road is yours to walk.

21 “Creator’s blessing rests on you who hunger now, for you will be filled to the full.

“Creator’s blessing rests on the ones who weep now, for your sorrow will turn into laughter.

22 “Creator’s blessing rests on you when you are hated and rejected, looked down on and treated as worthless; all because you have chosen to walk the good road with the True Human Being.

23 “When this happens let your hearts be glad and jump for joy; the world above will honor you, for this is the same way your ancestors treated the prophets of their day. You are walking in their moccasins now!”

Here is what he said to the privileged among the people. 24 “Sorrow and trouble will be the end of you who store up possessions for yourselves, for you have already had a life of ease.

25 “Sorrow and trouble will be the end of you who eat your fill now; you will go hungry later. Sorrow and trouble will be the end of you who are laughing about this now; you will have your trail of tears.

26 “Sorrow and trouble will be your end, when others say only good things about you, for that is what our ancestors said about the prophets who told lies.”

FNVclipartSmallLuke 11:1-4

Another time after Creator Sets Free (Jesus) had finished praying, one of his followers said to him, “Wisdomkeeper, teach us how to pray, in the same way He Shows Goodwill (John) taught his followers.”

Creator Sets Free (Jesus) smiled and said to them, “When you send your voice to the Great Spirit, here is how you should pray.”

“O Great Father, the one who lives above us all, your name is sacred and holy. Bring your Good Road to us, where the beauty of your ways in the world above is reflected in the earth below. Provide for us day by day—the elk, the buffalo, and the salmon; the corn, the squash, and the wild rice; all the good things we need every day to feed our families. Release us from the things we have done wrong, in the same way we release others for the things done wrong to us, and guide us away from the things that tempt us to stray from your Good Road.”

FNVclipartSmallLuke 14:25-35

As Creator Sets Free (Jesus) came near Jerusalem 25 large crowds were following him, so he turned to them and said, 26 “The ones who come to me must put me first, above all others. To walk the road with me they must love and respect me above their own fathers and mothers, wives and children, and aunties and uncles—even more than their own lives. 27 Only the ones who are willing to follow me, and carry their own cross-beam, are prepared to walk the road with me and learn my ways.

28 “Who would build a great lodge without first making sure he had enough trees to finish it? 29 If he only built the floor and then ran out of trees, others would laugh at him and say, 30 ‘How will you finish what you started?’

31 “Would a chief go to war against another chief if he only had half as many warriors? 32 No! He would send messengers ahead to make a peace treaty!

33 “You must count the cost of following me, for all who are not willing to give up all they have, are not ready to walk the road with me and learn my ways.”

34 Then he added, “Salt is a good thing, but if it loses its saltiness how will it get its flavor back? 35 That kind of salt is thrown away—good for neither the garden or manure pile.

“Let the ones who have ears, hear what I am saying!”

FNVclipartSmallLuke 24:1-12

It was now sunrise on the first day of the week. The women who had prepared the spices and oils were on their way to the burial cave. When they arrived they saw that the large stone in front of the cave had been rolled away. They went inside, only to find the body of Creator Sets Free (Jesus) was gone!

They were standing there in amazement and wonder when suddenly two men appeared beside them dressed in shining white outfits. The women, trembling with fear, bowed down low to the ground on their faces.

The men said, “Why do you look for the living in the place of the dead? He is not here, he has returned to life. Do you not remember what he told you in Circle of Nations (Galilee)? That the True Human Being would be turned over to the ones with bad hearts. They would put him to death on the cross, but he would come back to life on the third day.”

Then the women remembered what he had said. They hurried back to tell the eleven message bearers and the others what they had seen and heard. 10 There was Bitter Tears (Mary) of the village of Creator’s High Lodge (Magdala), Woman Of His Goodwill (Joanna) and Bitter Tears (Mary) the mother of Heel Grabber (James), and other women with them.

These women told the message-bearers and the others what they saw with their own eyes. 11 But the men did not believe the women, thinking it was only empty talk.

12 But Stands On The Rock (Peter) ran to the burial cave. He bent down to look inside and saw strips of cloths lying there, but no sign of the body of Creator Sets Free (Jesus). He then walked away wondering what had happened.