Rain Ministries

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Rain Ministries and RainSong Music


The First Nations Version is a Rain Ministries and RainSong Music Project.

As the founders and directors of Rain Ministries Terry and Darlene Wildman have been actively involved in the lives of First Nations people since 1998. RainSong Music and Storytelling is the public face of Rain Ministries.

Rain Ministries is a non-profit organization, based in Arizona, dedicated to sharing the good news of Creator’s Son Jesus with Native Americans and others.

Terry and Darlene Wildman founded Rain Ministries in 2002 while living on the Hopi Indian Reservation in Northern Arizona. Since then we have traveled the U.S. and to many other nations sharing the good news of Creator’s Son in our Music and Storytelling. RAIN can be an acronym for: Reaching America’s Indigenous Nations.

Creator’s word is like the rain and snow that water the earth and bring life to all living things. It comes down from above and returns back to the Creator after it has done what he wants!

General Information
As RainSong we travel North America and abroad, teaching, storytelling, sharing our music at First Nations gatherings, on Reservations, and also at Churches and Conferences.

“We are dedicating our time and the gifts Creator has given us to serve the First Nations People of North America; working and praying to see dignity and harmony restored to individuals, families, clans, and tribal nations. We believe that the message of Creator’s Son Jesus is for all people and will transform the lives of all who follow Him. But we also believe that the message must be embraced within the context of every culture to be effective.”