When the Great Spirit Walked Among Us

TerryProfileFNVRetold by Terry M. Wildman                                                               

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This book is the four Gospels combined into a single narrative.

The text is from the First Nations Version Project.  

A combined narrative of the Gospels is often called a “harmony of the Gospels.” These harmonies began early in the history of the Church and continue into modern times.


From  the introduction in the Gospel of Luke

O most honored Friend Of Creator, many have told this story, given to them from those who saw these things with their own eyes; the ones who laid down their lives to pass it on to others.

Since I have heard this story from the beginning, it seemed like a good thing for me to retell it from first to last. In this way you will know for yourself the truth about the things you were taught.

From John 3:16-17

“The Great Spirit loves this world of human beings so deeply he gave us his only born Son. All who trust in him, and his way, will not come to a bad end, but will find the life of beauty and harmony that does not fade away. Grandfather did not send his Son to decide against the people of this world, but to set them free from the worthless ways of the world.

“The ones who trust in him are released from their guilt, but the ones who turn away from him to follow the ways of this world, their guilt remains. For they are turning away from the life of beauty and harmony the Great Spirit offers through his Son.

“My light has shined into this dark world, but because of their worthless ways people loved the dark path more than the light. When they choose the dark path, they don’t want others to see, so they hide in the darkness and hate the light. But the ones who are true and do what is right are walking in the daylight so others can clearly see they are on Creator’s Good Road.”

All Scripture Quotations from the FNV © 2014 Terry M. Wildman, Permission to share is granted when authorship and copyright are retained.


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