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First Nations Version of the New Testament is a new translation, attempting to capture the simplicity, clarity and beauty of our Native storytellers in English, while remaining faithful to the original language of the New Testament.

Milestone!!!  March 16, 2020

The drafting portion of the First Nations Version: New Testament is done! All that is left is the review portion by our Native reviewers, and then by our consultant. Once those are complete the text of the FNV will then go to a publisher. We will soon have a press release with more info on the publishing plans and release date.

1/2 of the New Testament Available on Amazon.com

I just want to express my gratitude to the First Nations Version Project and the wonderful work they have done. I used the words of this version to share the gospel with native students at Fort Lewis College and it’s as if people are hearing these words for the first time. The word of the Lord appears to them as fire dancing in their hearts.

Thank you and Doksa,

Courtland Hopkins, Fort Lewis College, Native InterVarsity USA Staff, Courtland Hopkins – Lakota/Diné

First Nations Version – Georgina’s Story from OneBook on Vimeo.

Gospel of Luke and Ephesians Now Available for Purchase. All proceeds go to further fund the FNV New Testament.
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Luke-Eph-Cover-lowrezThe Gospel of Luke and Ephesians is available for online orders.

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The First Nations Version: New Testament!

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As of June 2015 Rain Ministries and OneBook of Canada have partnered together to create a First Nations Version New Testament.

On September 13-18, 2015 a group of 10 Native Americans, from different tribes, gathered in Orlando Florida to begin the first step of this project. Wycliffe Associates funded and provided expertise and support. OneBook of Canada was also there to guide and serve.

On November 1-14 in Calgary Canada a group of 10 more Native North Americans gathered to continue laying a foundation for the translation of the New Testament. OneBook funded this session and Wycliffe Associates provided training. A FNV Key Terms Council chose the key terms to be used. During this time our FNV Translation Council established the method of translation to be used.


First Nations Version – Lord’s Prayer from OneBook on Vimeo.

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First Nations Version: New Testament by First Nations Version Project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


This New Testament is a unique part of the First Nations Version Project which includes the following.

Our first 4 goals have been completed!

1st Goal:  Publish “Birth of the Chosen One” a book for children of all ages. Completed Nov 1st 2013.

2nd Goal:  Publish “When the Great Spirit Walked Among Us” combining the four Gospels into one narrative, by August 2014. Now available for orders!

3rd Goal: In partnership with OneBook publish the Gospel of Luke and Ephesians at or before the end of May 2016. Completed! Released 5/4/16.

4th Goal: In partnership with OneBook publish Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts and Ephesians by November 2017. Completed! Release date for publication 11/15/17.

5th Goal: In partnership with OneBook finish the entire FNV New Testament by the end of  2018. Due to low financial support the date has been moved to June 2020. It will then be submitted to a publisher for publication in 2021.

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