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First Nations Version of the New Testament is a new translation, attempting to capture the simplicity, clarity, and beauty of our Native storytellers in English while remaining faithful to the original language of the New Testament.


Coming August 3rd, 2021! The First Nations Version New Testament!

   Published by InterVarsity Press

Hardbound Cover of FNV

Cover of FNV Paperback Edition

For now half of the FNV New Testament is still available on Amazon.com

I just want to express my gratitude to the First Nations Version Project and the wonderful work they have done. I used the words of this version to share the gospel with native students at Fort Lewis College, and it’s as if people are hearing these words for the first time. The word of the Lord appears to them as fire dancing in their hearts.

Thank you and Doksa,

Courtland Hopkins, Fort Lewis College, Native InterVarsity USA Staff, Courtland Hopkins – Lakota/Diné


The Gospel of Luke and Ephesians FNV is still available


First Nations Version – Georgina’s Story from OneBook on Vimeo.

First Nations Version – Lord’s Prayer from OneBook on Vimeo.