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Introducing Retelling the Good Story: A Collection of Short Films for North American Native People

The Jesus Film Project® is pleased to announce this new animated project!

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Retelling the Good Story is a collection of three short animated films based on the First Nations Version, an Indigenous translation of the New Testament. These films feature a storyteller, Mishomis, retelling stories of Jesus’ life and ministry in beautiful animation inspired by Native American art.

Retelling the Good Story was born in partnership with Terry Wildman, author of the First Nations Version published by InterVarsity Press. Retelling the Good Story films use text from the English-language First Nations Version for their scripts.

Global Executive leaders from Cru® are equally excited about Jesus Film Project’s involvement, noting that with it we push toward innovation. We reach people with the gospel in new ways that resonate visually with their cultures.

It’s our hope that North American Native people encounter the love of God as they watch the life-changing story of Jesus in a language and medium that speaks to their hearts. Join us in praying for these new films and the people who will be drawn to the Lord through them.