About RainSong

Photo of Terry & Darlene Wildman at a Cru event
Terry & Darlene Wildman of RainSong

As RainSong Terry and Darlene travel North America and abroad, teaching, storytelling, sharing their music at First Nations gatherings, on Reservations, and also at Churches and Conferences. Because of COVID, they have not been traveling for the last year, but they hope that will change in the late Summer and Fall of 2021.

“We are dedicating our time and the gifts Creator has given us to serve the First Nations People of North America; working and praying to see dignity and harmony restored to individuals, families, clans, and tribal nations. We believe that the message of Creator’s Son Jesus is for all people and will transform the lives of all who follow Him. But we also believe that the message must be embraced within the context of every culture to be effective.”

They have produced six CD’s “Sacred Warrior”, “Rising Sun”, “Rise Up and Dance”, “Hoop of Life”, “Song of the Bluebird” and a storytelling CD with music called “The Great Story from the Sacred Book”. Their music style is a folk-rock blend with Native American instruments and melodies. They have also produced a DVD called Creation Speaks featuring a nature video from Alaska blended with their music.