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Terry M. Wildman

Boozhoo (Hello), my name is Terry Wildman, the Chief Director of Rain Ministries. My wife Darlene and I live in Maricopa Arizona on the traditional lands of the Pima and Tohono O’odham. Since 1998 we have been actively involved in the lives of Native North Americans. We founded Rain Ministries in 2002 as an Arizona non-profit organization while living on the Hopi Indian Reservation in Northern Arizona. The primary purpose of Rain Ministries is to encourage Indigenous Peoples to realize and fulfill the destiny the Creator has given them through his Son Jesus Christ and to partner with them in developing culturally significant ways to express their worship of Creator and to make him known to others. Through Rain Ministries, we will also encourage and facilitate reconciliation between Christian churches and First Nations people.

The First Nations Version Project is a branch of Rain Ministries

The First Nations Version New Testament is a new translation of the Sacred Scriptures by and for the Indigenous Peoples of North Americans. The idea for this project began in 2002 while Terry and Darlene lived on the Hopi Indian reservation in Northern Arizona. They were looking for ways to tell the story of the Bible to Native North Americans, in a culturally relevant context. Terry had no idea that he would end up leading a group of Natives to translate the entire New Testament, but the dream has become a reality! InterVarsity Press published the first edition of the FVN New Testament on August 31st, 2021.

The Psalms and Proverbs First Nations Version translation is now in process. On August 15-18 the newly formed translation council gathered at the InterVarsity Press to launch the next leg of this project.

RainSong is the music branch of Rain Ministries

Since the year 2000, Terry and Darlene have been traveling Turtle Island (North America) and abroad, teaching, storytelling, sharing their music at First Nations gatherings, festivals, and also at churches and conferences. RainSong has produced 6 CDs and they were nominated for a Grammy and for several Nammy (Nama) Awards. Because of COVID 19, they have not been traveling for the last year, but they hope that will change in the late Summer and Fall of 2021.

Rain Ministries and Native InterVarsity

Terry and Darlene Wildman serve on staff with Native Intervarsity, a national college campus ministry. Terry has served as the Director of Spiritual Growth and Leadership Development since June of 2020. He also gives support and guidance to the Native National Leadership Team. Darlene serves as support staff to many of the Native staff and students. Native InterVarsity uses the First Nations Version in their bible studies and outreaches.

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