First Nations Version Psalms & Proverbs

The First Nations Version Translation Council has completed the work on Psalms and Proverbs! InterVarsity Press received the finished text on June 4th, 2024. We anticipate a publisher’s release date in late Spring or early Summer of 2025. Donations are still appreciated as we continue to work with IV Press on the publication process and look to future books of the Bible to translate.

Miigwech (thank you).

Yes! Rain Ministries, under the leadership of Terry and Darlene Wildman, has committed to translating Psalms and Proverbs for the First Nations Version. The FNV New Testament was released by InterVarsity Press on August 31st, 2021. Since that time, many thousands of people, both First Nations and others, have been reading and using this as one of their main translations. Some Native organizations have made it their primary New Testament. Thousands of copies have also been distributed on reservations, sometimes with the help of the tribal councils themselves.

Several times a month, we receive requests for the Hebrew Scriptures, also known as the Old Testament. After much prayer and encouragement, we began work on Psalms and Proverbs on July 1st, 2022. InterVaristy Press has contracted with Rain Ministries as publisher. We anticipate it will take about two years to complete.

Dave Ohlson, with over 50 years of experience with indigenous cultures has agreed once again to be our Project Translation Consultant. We are also adding Professor Amy Nicole Allan (Choctaw, Tuscarora, and Cherokee) Adjunct Professor at Wheaton and in her 4th-year Ph.D. in Old Testament Biblical Studies, and L. Daniel Hawk Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Ashland Seminary in Ohio. We have also added Julene Pommert Ph.D. (Southern Blackfeet). Together they will serve as Hebrew language consultants.

Our Psalms and Proverbs Translation Council and Consultants

A new Translation Council has been formed, including members from the first council and some new faces. Our council will serve as indigenous consultants and reviewers. Our Project Consultant from the FNV/NT will continue with us. We have also welcomed 3 Hebrew language consultants.

Alvin Deer
Kiowa / Creek
Bryan Jon
Dale and Charlotte Tsosie
Dine' (Navajo)
Sháńdíín Church
Dine' / Pokagon Band Potawatomi
Courtland Hopkins
Lakota / Dine'
Renee Kylestewa Begay
Tim Webster
Kimberlee Medicine Horn Jackson
Yankton Sioux
Christian Orlando Locklear
Zelma Wind
Muscogee / Cherokee
Terry M. Wildman
Ojibwe / Yaqui
David Ohlson
Project Consultant, OneBook/Wycliffe
L. Daniel Hawk, PhD, Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Ashland Thological Seminary, Ohio
Hebrew Consultant
Amy Nichole Allan, Professor and PhD Student at NAIITS
Hebrew Consultant, Choctaw/Cherokee/Tuscarora
Julene Pommert, PhD
Consultant, Southern Blackfeet