Our Translation Council

Our translation council was selected from a cross-section of Native North Americans—elders, pastors, young adults, and men and women from differing tribes and diverse geographic locations. This council also represents a diversity of church and denominational traditions to minimize bias.

Our initial group, forming our translation council, consists of 12 First Nations individuals representing tribes from these diverse geographical regions. This council determined the style and method of translation to be used and some continued to be involved in the review process and cultural consultation. From this group, a smaller council was chosen that determined the key translation terms.

The members of our translation council are listed below with their North American tribal heritages:

Barry D. Belindo — Kiowa/Navajo/Pawnee/Choctaw

Garland Brunoe — Wascoe/Ojibwe

Gordon Campbell — Kalispel/Spokane/Nez Perce

Sháńdíín Church — Diné/Pokagon Band Potawatomi

Alvin Deer — Kiowa/Creek

John GrosVenor — Cherokee

Antonia Hudson — Kiowa/Navajo/Pawnee/Choctaw

Bryan Jon — Anishinabe/Ojibwe

Dale and Charlotte Tsosie — Diné (Navajo)

Terry M. Wildman — Ojibwe/Yaqui

The following ministries have also given of their time to participate in this project:

Rain Ministries:  www.RainMinistries.com

Mending Wings:  www.MendingWings.net

Montana Indian Ministries: www.MontanaIndianMinistries.org

Native InterVarsity: www.native.intervarsity.org